The talisman is an object inscribed with magical signs. It is said to grant its bearer certain powers, provide protection from harm, or bring good luck.
Seals of Soloman
includes explanation card and cloth cord
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Capricorn: Knowledge
Points to business or career as a main focus. This helps you deal with any problem which may confront you. Use this to gain needed information from the spritual world.

Aquarius: Transmutations
Innovation is the largest theme. Use this in alchemical practices, both material and spiritual, to transmute one substance to another, or one set of motivations for another. Helps in changing old habits, and to strengthen the will when dieting. This is very powerful for magical operations if used carefully for a positive, beneficial purpose.

Pisces: Persuasion
Aids in you ability to form cooperative, supportive relationships, which will help you improve the life situation you are in. Your communication and personal charm are enhanced. Use to increase your persuasiveness in seekinf job advancement, and in promoting yourself and your business to important people.

Aries: Provides Protection
Defends from present or potential danger. Use this to draw psychic or spiritual forces to your aid.

Taurus: Promotes Healing
Improvement in you health and recovery from any illness.

Gemini: Passion
Points to communication as a major focus. Helps you deal with powerful emotions, both positive and negative. Use to increase the ardor of a loved one.

Cancer: Love
Family and home are a major focus. Love brings success in courtship and marriage. Use this to secure and keep affection.

Leo: Wealth
Points to dominance as a major focus. Aspires to abundance in money and material goods. Use this to aid in the accumulation of money.

Virgo: Provides Strength
Points to skill and work as a focus point. Strength helps one in success. With protection, security is enhanced. Use to increase your vitality and energy.

Libra: Harmony
Centers on a close relationship. Signifies balance, cooperation, sympathy, good health, and positive emotions. Harmony favors music, the arts, the law, design, architecture, and sucess in legal disputes. Use this to balance your inner self and to smooth over any discordant elements, or effect a reconciliation with a loved one.

Scorpio: Memory
Helps enable you to apply an old skill, renew an old friendship, or benefit from an investment and efforts in the past. Use this to refresh your memory about important affairs, or to enter into past lives for needed information, or to resolve past emotional problems.

Sagittarius: Wisdom
Points to travel or expansion as a major focus. Wisdom implies the ability to think and act constructively and innovatively when necessary. Encourages you to learn from your mistakes. Use this to gain the help of spiritual masters.