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1215 4th St., Berkeley, Ca 94710
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You can place an order by calling me at 510-524-1109,
or by using this order form.
The best time to call is Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM California time.
This is when I am in the shop making rings.

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For check send to 1215 4th ST.  Berkeley, CA 94710
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a Catalog?
A. If you would like this catalogue on paper, you can print these pages out on your computer. A printed version will not have the pop up enlargements, so it is best seen on the Internet.
Q. Are the rings available in white gold?
A. Yes, almost all of them can be white gold or multicolored, if you wish.
Q. Can I substitute a different stone into the ring?
A. Yes, many stones are available. Let me know what stone you would like.
Q. Are the tops on the Silver and Gold rings plated gold, or are they solid?
A. The silver and gold rings use solid silver and solid gold. There are no plated parts. On some, gold and silver are joined together. But both metals are solid through and through. So scratches can be buffed off with no worry that the gold will wear through.
Q. What are the grades available on the 1/3 carat diamond, and are other sizes available?
A. Diamond Information Page
Q. How do I find out my ring size?
A. You can send me a ring that fits you and I will match that size. Or I will be glad to send you a set of plastic finger sizing rings. Just email me with your request.
Q. What if the ring you send is the wrong size, or too light or too heavy for my finger?
A. You can send it back for one of a different size. You can also trade for a thinner or heavier ring with a corresponding adjustment of the cost.
Q. If I am not sure what to expect since I have seen only a picture, should I order it and return it if it was different than what I thought?
A. I can send you a sample from stock so you can see it up close. You pay just for the shipping.
Q. If I am just not happy with the ring can I return it?
A. You can send it back for a refund if you are not satisfied.
Q. Is there any guarantee to cover the ring being broken over the years?
A. Breaks in the bands are fixed on rings I made at no cost. This applies to a broken band where the band is all there but has a split in it. Simply send it with $8 for a silver ring or $20 for a gold ring, to cover the return shipping.
Q. What is the policy on repairs of settings, and of loose or lost stones?
A. Settings are subject to wear and breakage if the parts are hit as you wear the ring. This results in the stone getting loose and perhaps falling out. You need to check the ring occasionally and see if the stone can be shifted in the setting. If it has gotten loose have it repaired locally or return to me. This can save your stone. I repair the settings and replace them if necessairy. The cost for this is much less than replacing the stone. The settings are delicate in many cases so I can not guarantee they will not wear thin or be damaged over the years. But this is the same as in all rings with gems.
Q. How can I assemble my ring?
A. Click on ANIMATED ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS for the best instructions anywhere. The ring is shown with the pieces moving, demonstrating how to do it.

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