Rings by Norman Greene
Comments from Customers

Just as you said, my ring was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I couldn't wait to open the box and that ring is everything that I expected and more. It is absolutely beautiful. We have Jey's birthday dinner this Sunday night and Monday morning I will send you his response although I am sure that it will be more eloquent than just my WOW!! You have done a wonderful job!! Thank you for helping to give him a birthday gift that he will truly enjoy, and thank you for being so helpful, and making sure that I had the ring ontime, even when I send emails freaking out about where the ring is. Warmly and sincerely,

I have just received my ring today (Monday) and it is perfect!! It is exactly how I had hoped it would be and the colours are lovely. It also fits perfectly which was something I was a little concerned about. As I explained before, I have been looking for a ring like this for many years and I can really say it has definitely been worth the wait. It was especially nice to get it this week, as it is our 10th wedding anniversary on the 24th. I will certainly recommend your work if anyone I know wants an unusual present in the future and would like to say a huge thank you to you!!
Best wishes
Sarah V

Good morning. The ring arrived yesterday morning, so that was pretty quick. After opening the box to check it out, all I can say is, the web site picture doesn't do it justice ! You've definitely got my future business. Who knows ? Maybe I'll make a yearly ritual of anniversary rings. :-) ' til then and thanks again ;

I bought a ring at the Renaissance Faire in Bristol IL. It is not often you have the chance to thank the artist. I am not a Jewelery fan but had to have a ring of yours. I love the simple yet intricate form. It truly follows the rule of form follows function.
Thank You

Thank you very much for the ring! It's very well made. It looks even better than the picture on the web site.
Keep up the great work,
Michael S

Sorry, Eve was going to mail you but she didn't get the chance... I imagine she's still going to mail you... Yes, we got them on time, thanks very much, they're great... Eve already undid one! Luckily (after an hour or so) she figured out how to put it back together. :) Thanks again... I'm sure Eve has more to say. :)
Hi there, this is Eve. We got the rings. I love them, they came out even better than I imagined! I had to go running around to show everyone. Is there anyway to keep them from falling apart as easily as they do? As soon as I picked mine up it fell apart and I spent an hour on your page getting back together (I think I have it now) but I'm just afraid of the best man handing it over and it separating so we have to stop the wedding to reassemble it. I was planning on tying some thread around it just for that day.
thank you

Hi Norm,
The puzzle ring arrived and is absolutely beautiful and a perfect fit. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for making and sending it so quickly. Please feel free to use me as a recommendation.
Thanks again,
Ann M

i purchased one of your 6 band silver ga tight puzzlerings @ glen helen regional park. it fell apart when i tossed it into my drawer. i had not let it come apart until that moment.....3 weeks later, much frustration and instructions from the internet and the assembly instruction sheet..... WAALAA.

Norm The rings arrived today. They are beautiful. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas.

I just wanted to write back and say how beautiful this ring is! It arrived fine, and I've worn it every day. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I ordered it about 1/4 or 1/2 size too large, but it's not close to slipping off, so should be fine.
I really appreciate your being so flexible as far as the gift certificate and ordering from website pictures. I'm really happy--made the right decision for sure to commemorate my 40th!
Thanks again--
Jane S

I just wanted to say thanks for the 4 band instructions. I hadn't seen my puzzle ring in about 2 years(thought it was lost). It turned up and wouldn't you know I dropped it and it disassembled. I tried for hours thinking about how it went back together. I decided to hunt the web thinking it was a long shot when I found your instructions. 5 minutes later I had it back together. First thing I did was laugh because twisting the second band after closing it on the first was the part I'd forgotten, then I bookmarked your site. I have friends interested in my ring so I will send them your URL.
Thanks, Bryan

Just a quick message.
I just heard your voice mail from the other day....it's late and I'm cranking; I just checked v-mail for the first time this week.
I received the ring back on the day that you expected the Post Office to deliver.
My wife and I both thoroughly enjoy it. She has a 6 band gold one that you made back in the late 80's. I've worn a silver one since the early 80's that Kathy found at a craft fair. I'm very please to now have a ring that matches her's in quality. Also, it's really nice to compare the feel of silver, gold and platinum. I very much appreciate your craftsmanship....we were thrilled to learn that you still make rings and had learned to work with platinum (back when I ordered Kathy's ring you hadn't).
Thank you again for the great service.

Hello Mr. Greene!
I recently purchased one of your beautiful 4 inch astrolabe sets (boxed, with plates, gold and pewter) at our Arizona Renaissance Faire. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with it and with its construction! It's an excellent example of functional beauty. Your instructions are also very helpful, as there is little available in the practical use of this instrument, although quite a bit of historical data. .....
Thanks again for your help, and for a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship!
Yours sincerely, Richard A

hi, my name is Britney and my boyfriend got me a puzzle ring. My friend decided to take it apart and couldn't get it together. I just wanted to thank you for having such great directions on your web site and the video was very east to fallow in the slow motion speed. I finally got it together. Thanx!!!

From: Paul B
The ring arrived earlier this week via UPS and I just haven't had time to let you know. It is beautiful and just what we wanted. Thanks for the great work and your service has been fantastic.

I got the ring....looks great, thank you very very much

Ring arrived 11:00am EDT.
Could not be more pleased. Will try to sell you some more as I am sure to get many complements and questions about it.
Regards, Ty

in a previous message, you said it would be about two weeks before i got my goodie; to my immense surprise, it showed up yesterday! seeing as how i just sent you the order and the cheque on monday, i'm wondering how quickly i would've received it if i had requested speedy delivery. i almost felt like a character in a classic mgm or warner brothers cartoon: the hero scribbles a note to a mail order place, he mails the note, and as he's standing by the mailbox--where, mere seconds ago he placed the note--whatever it is he ordered is delivered. great ring, great service. thanks a lot!
p.s.--how good are you at getting me a well-paying job as a computer animator?

We purchased a ring today at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. My daughter took it apart on the way home. We could not get it back together, despite hours of trying. Your web site was VERY helpful! Thanks for the video.
Yvette Graham

Very pleased, thank you. I gave it to my girlfriend (about an hour after it came UPS) whom I love dearly. She loved it. Later in the evening, I broke standard convention. I used the ring as a 'proxy' engagement ring and proposed to her (she said 'yes'). Thank you so much. I guess I may see you when you tour to Ohio's Rennaisance Festival. Thanks again.
-Steve V

Just got my astrolabe yesterday. Wonderful work !
Thanks again, Marc

Hi Norm,
I just received my ring and instructions. Thank you for putting the pieces back together, your speedy service was appreciated. I hope to see you next year at the Renaissance Fair in Bristol, WI. Joy

Hey Norm! The rings were great, the wedding was great. Thanks for all your help! Attached is a picture of the rings from the wedding if you want to use them on your site or whatever, that's fine. :) More pictures of the wedding are at:

My wife bought me a puzzle ring of yours as my wedding ring nearly 10 years ago. As a 10th anniversary, I would like to get her one too. However, I want to do it on the sly, and I have no idea of what her ring size is. We first saw your stuff at the Texas Renaissance festival and saw it again last year at the Southern California one. She likes the same ring as I have: an 8 band medium 4 colors 14K gold ring. How should I proceed? Our anniversary is later this month (June 22) and I would love to have one to give her then. Can you guess a size? Then maybe we could exchange it after she knows she has it and we can get her sized.
Thanks for your help. I really love your ring, and all the admiration it confers.

I received my ring on Wed. as expected - Wow, I love it! The ring is more beautiful than I expected, it is truly elegant. The emerald is a beautiful compliment to my wedding ring which is a combination of diamonds and emeralds.
I doubt if you heard the story behind my choosing the ring, but Shawn was interested, so I thought you might be as well. I have had a sterling puzzle ring (6 bands with 2 being twists) that I had found in puzzle magazine. I convinced my parents to buy it for me as a class ring instead of the ones the High Schools offer. I have worn it constantly since 1988 and was only considering not wearing it now because I have run out of small fingers that it would comfortably fit on. This year I decided to replace the ring with a new puzzle ring from Scarborough Faire in Texas. For years I have admired the booth your company has sent to that fair.
I have been anxiously waiting to see my new ring since we made the final decision on what I wanted. It was well worth the wait. It is beautiful and beautifully made.
Thank you so much!
Amelia Palmer

Hi, my name is Amber.
I live in Colorado and have worked the Colorado Renaissance Festival for several years. Each year I purchase a new ring, and every year they get more elaborite and more exquisite. I am now engaged and we will be getting some of your works to marry with. Is there a style that is purchased more often as a wedding ring? Are the rings with the loop similar to assemble? It looks chalenging. Will there be any of that style at this years Colorado Ren. Fair? If so I will save for that ring this year. I can't wait until my fiance and I choose and order, very exciting.
I hope that you are doing well!

Hello, Norman!
Wanted to let you know I received my ring today, as you had said. It is exactly what I expected, but I'm even more pleased than I thought. It's just perfect. I can see and feel the quality in it, and I also very much appreciate that it is hand made, making it truly one of a kind. As I said before, you do have a gift that is so nice that you can share with everyone....
I thank you for your professionalism, promptness, and trust. I will certainly spread the word about you to those I know. Wishing much continued success and happiness to you and yours.

hi i am an entertainer at southern faire ca in devore and have purchased your wonderful rings and love them..my daughter is getting married and her fiancee is wearing his that she bought him from you..what we would like to know is if you could make one with either silver or white gold with a blue saphire on it and maybe a diamond..thats optional but we would realy like the saphire to match her engagement ring..any chances you could make oone? hope to hear from you soon..sincerely
melody pulley
st. michaels guilde, companye of borderhorse (at horse tourney)

Hi Norman,
Thanks for the mail. In fact, they phoned me on Monday 7th, they knew my street and everything, it was in the right truck; the only problem were the import taxes (40 $ on 135 $ value - not bad, the WTO will be delighted!).
So I went there yesterday (8th) morning (in California time still the 7th) and picked the package up personally - really no idea where, how and why the feedback to you came about.
Seems a typically Belgian story, in the end it's the country of surrealism ;-)

I just had to let you know that I am delighted with my new ring. I received it about 15 minutes ago. It is beautiful and fits perfectly!! And talk about your speedy service. Thank you so much,
Glenda Price

Hi Norm,
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that today I received the silver 4-band puzzle ring I ordered last week. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm a little nervous to take the band that holds it together off and try and disassemble/reassemble it, but I'm sure I'll manage. Thanks for making such a wonderful piece of jewelry. I can't wait to give it to my girlfriend this weekend.
Thanks again,

Hi Norman,
you just recently overnighted a ring to me, last Thurday to be exact, and I wanted to let you know that my wife recieved it quite well. The 5 3/4 fit perfectly.
Thank you for having the web-site and for talking to me personally on the phone with regards to the ring.
Have a great day.

Hi Norm, I got the ring, it looks good! Thank you for doing a good job. I'll see if the wife would like one also and keep in touch. Rob My wife must have sent an acknowledgement on my behalf a few days ago, but I just wanted to send my thanks
Thank you.I'll be looking for ward to receiving it.I've showed some friends the other one I ordered from you and it was a big hit.You may be receiving some more orders!

She LOVED the ring! Thank you so much.

Got the order late monday afternoon.Love the ring and am thinking of ordering another different one. Will order straight from you this time,tho.
Thanks again.

Hi Norm:
I just received it in today's mail (Monday 2/12). I'm very happy with it. It looks just like the picture and I'm already getting lots of compliments on it. Thanks again.

Dear Norm,
The ring is beautiful, Jo loves it, and the family were fascinated by it over Chinese New Year. I've had lots of practice putting it back together again and it's not frustrating any more.
Thanks for taking the trouble to find a faster service. The ring arrived in HK on Saturday and was delivered to me on Monday 22, so well in time for our trip. We've just got back.
Gung Hei Fat Choi!
All the best, David Butler

I got it last night.....thanks!
It is beautiful.
I will let you know if it fits him.
Thanks again,
Meg Coffey

Mr. Greene
I appreciate the quick service and the astrolabe looks great. Nice work.
Craig Newswanger

I love the ring you did a really good job, I have 3 of your rings and wear them all the time. People ask me where I got them and I give them your web site.... anyways, I will be ordering at least one more for my thum some time next year, or I'll see you at the fair next time around. Thank you
Jennifer Embry

I received the ring on Friday. It's beautiful, I know it will be a cherished gift.

I have received the ring. The preliminary judgement on size is that it is perfect.
Thank-you for your excellent work.

I am just confirming receipt of the ring that you sent .. and the very fast turnaround that your provided. (actually got to Maryland on Monday!)

I am very pleased with the ring. ( ... it's a great fit too) I am going to a number of holiday parties in the next week, and I will be sure to tell people where I purchased it. T
hanks again .. and have a great holiday.
Tom LaCroix

Hi Norm,
At first I didn't think your e-mail was going to help me much. BUT I gave it a try and I am now wearing my ring once again. And I'm almost tempted to let it fall apart again just to see if I could get it back together again. Maybe I'll wait a couple of days for that. Thanks for your quick response to my first letter. I do appreciate your help and your offer to put my ring back together for me. Now I'm trying to convince my Husband that I NEED a gold puzzle ring for my birthday.
Trying being the key word here. Oh well...you might be hearing from me again soon. Thanks again for all your help.
Holly Alessi

I like to know if I can get a 4 band 4 color ring with a diamond in it. I'm also going to get more rings from you as wedding rings and 6 band and a 8 band 4 color gold that are to the left and right of this ring. I also like to know if they can be made in 10k gold. I was told that 10K will hold up longer be puzzlering.
I got one of your rings 2 years ago at the Wayesville Oh Renfest. I love it and so does my girlfriend. We have look at a lot of other rings and none of them look as nice as your.
Thank You
Todd Hodgson

Sorry it took me so long to let you know, but I did receive the ring. It is beautiful and exactly as I imagined it would look. You did a wonderful job on the ring and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who compliments me on your work.
Thank you,
Joelle J. Ru

The ring arrived the day I first e mailed you. The UPS man knocked at the door, and left the box on the steps. Luckily my partner was home, went to the door to see who had been there and found the box on the steps. To say the least my partner is thrilled with the ring! It is just beautiful! You probably know how hard it is to find a ring in that size, and that looks proportional. My partner Gary bought one of your silver rings at the 99 fair and was very pleased, which is why we made a special trip to the fair this year, to return to your booth. Gary has been wearing puzzle rings for 30 yr.., and has worn out numerous rings. We've looked for a long time to find a ring that he would like. When we saw the ring with rubies in it, I knew we had a winner.
He's a bit afraid to wear the ring for fear of losing a stone. He said he's never had anything so special before. I assured him that the salesman pointed out that there is a channel that the stones are set in that makes that less likely to happen. If by chance that were to happen I assume we could get back to you for a repair? Anything else I can tell him about how they are set?
Thank you for keeping the tradition of this ring alive, for making the ring in a heavier weight, and for your superb masterful craftsmanship! Be assured that we will be good advertising for your work and will be sure to network others to your website. sincerely-
Mary Williams

Hi Norm,
Just a note to let you know that I received my repaired ring today--thank you so much for completing the repairs so quickly! And what a beautiful job, too--I can't even see where the break was. I am so pleased with your craftsmanship, your product, and most of all your service. Again,
Many Thanks,
Lisa R. Wright

Dear Norm,
First of all, let me apologize for not getting this out to you on the day that I received our package. I meant to get back to you as quickly as you had taken care of me, but alas...
Our rings are perfect! They were better in hand than we had imagined them! Although you have a great web site, they really do not do the rings justice. And you were right about my ring, the lighter weight would not have looked nearly as good.
Also, thank you for the speed of service. I was certainly not expecting to receive them so quickly. I was glad that you included some cards, because I know that after we are married, people will forever ask us about them.
So, once again, thank you sincerely for the great service and even better product. We are completely satisfied and will recommend you to anyone.
Yours truly,
Chris & Stacey

Received the rings yesterday, Norm. They are beautiful! Thank you so much. Sorry I didn't add right in my last e-mail.

Norm -
Just wanted to let you know that my ring arrived and I absolutely love it! It is truly beautiful.
Thank you.
Jo Opheim

Hi Norm,
Just a quick note to let you know that we've given your web address to several friends who loved our rings. Hopefully these will turn into orders for you.
Thanks again,
Manya & Wayne Ferguson

Eleven years ago my wife and I bought our wedding rings from your booth at the Bristol Ren. Faire. A couple of weeks ago I dropped my ring off at the booth, in order to have the band repaired. The people I spoke with were helpful and courteous and I was told the job would take about a week. Last week I got my ring back and it looks BEAUTIFUL! there is no sign of any repair and the polishing made it look like new. I can't thank you and your people enough.
Don Sherman

Norm: I have had a puzzle ring which I didn't know how to assemble for over 30 years. Could not find anybody who knew how it worked. Anyhow, I found your website yesterday and went home and in about 15 minutes had it together.
I am so pleased, you have no idea. Thanks a lot!
Doug Raichle

Oh Norm, they are the most beautiful rings I've ever seen. Thank you so much. When I opened the ring boxes and looked at them for the first time their beauty took my breath away. I'm not a diamond person and it was hard to find something 'special.' Your design is perfect.
You are so talented and we have been telling everyone about your work. My silver puzzle engagement ring is a definite topic of conversation, and now wait until they see our wedding rings...wow!
Thank you so much and God bless you for helping us make the symbol of our marriage such an incredible work of art.

The ring has been recieved and it is beautiful,
Thank you

Dear Normal,
I got my rings and they are fantastic!
Many Thanks,
Ellen Layendecker

I got my beautiful ring back today! Thanks so much for putting it back together. My sister, the puzzle queen, only defeated by one other puzzle in her 30 year lifespan, couldn't put it back together. I'll check the website. Meantime, thanks for the little thingie that will hold it together!
Your work is lovely

Its here, and its lovely. (and heavy,hehe)
Thank you.

Norm, thanks, we got the ring! My husband loves it! He used to have a 6-band, 18K gold one we got from Saudi, but the bands were so thin on the shank that a couple of them eventually gave in and broke. Anyway, thanks again--we'll be coming to you again in a couple of years for an upgrade to platinum... By the way, I like my diamond, but a platinum puzzle ring with an opal stone really sounds appealing. Do you work with opals? Let me know--I'm definitely interested.
In the meantime, take care, and thanks again.
Tamra Gentry

Dear Norm,
Just wanted to let you know I received the size 7 puzzlering and it is fine. I have even taken it a part and learned how to assemble it. Thank you, I know I will enjoy it for years to come.
Sincerely, Susan Donovan

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy my Astrolabe. I purchased mine at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Largo, FL (umm, I mean Puddleton) this year. I already have members in our astronomy organization intrigued by its unique abilities. By the way, we have placed a hyper link to your Astrolabe page on our web site (www.claas.org) under the heading Telescopes/accessories. My many thanks to Jason Geomer for his presentation and patience. It is much appreciated! I look forward to seeing your company at the next Festival in Largo, Florida.
Andrew Hradesky
PS. My wife and I have fun with our matching puzzle rings too. Our family & friends think we purchased new wedding bands until they discover what the rings are, then they're puzzled.

Dear Norman,
Thank you so much for the silver oval garnet ring. I LOVE IT I would love to get more of your 'jewels' however it's not such a good time for me to buy myself things......I am keeping your e-mail under my favorites and I'll keep you in mind and tell my friends about your unique and beautiful work. Do you ever come to the East coast -that's North East? If so please let me know. Thanks for being so understanding about everything. It was very hard to send the diamond block back..Life goes on.. Thankd again and hope to do business in the future! Sincerely
Kathleen Dolfinger

Got the ring today!
It looks really great i love it. I really appreciate the rush you put on it. Thanks again for that. I didn't think about you having to maybe make the ring, i take it that you did. It fits real good too. i don't like big rings that's why i stayed with the 16ga. ring, but i do see what you meant about the bigger gauge rings. You made a beautiful ring . Thanks again for the rush. Oh by the way we saw you rings at the renaissance festival at Larkspur Co. a year ago and i told Marlene that's what i wanted for a wedding ring.
Thanks from one happy customer and hubby to be.......Dick

I just received the ring. It is fantastic, just what I wanted. Great job! I can hardly wait to give it to my husband!
Thank you very much!

quite some time ago I had exchanged a light band version of the 3 ring rolling band, for the heavier band. I am sorry I am so long in saying thank you very much. This ring is much better.
Thank you for your great customer service.--Susan Jata

Hi Norman,
I called on Tuesday in regards to my puzzle ring that I got at the Colorado Renaissance Faire, I followed the animation on your web site and successfully managed to get it back together...very satisfying!
I would also like to tell you that your designs are very beautiful and I love my ring.
Sarah Selleck

Yes, it did arrive and it's beautiful. I'm sorry I didn't call you, yesterday was a pretty hectic. But, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Noreen Reyes Thank you so much for your reply! I actually got it together!! =) Yippee-me! =) Thanks again! Jenny

I received my ring, and I absolutely love it! Amazing work! Thank you. Sincerely,
Brandy Peters

I wanted to take a minute to say thanks! Marion's ring (the rolling light) looks fabulous, very sturdy and exactly like I had imagined it would look....He's been wearing this 12 dollar thing as a wedding band and I'm so glad that he is finally wearing a wedding band that he is proud of. We'll tell everyone about you....We are a little embarrassed that we never got the chance to meet you, being in Berkeley a mere 30 minute drive for us...but time is our enemy... Regardless, thanks again! I know he will cherish his ring....
Leesa Dreo

My daughter loved the ring & it fits beautifully, thank you for your promptness & the quality of your product. She will enjoy it for years to come -
Thanks, Julie Drake

Thanks again for the lovely 4 strand ring - it arrived quickly and was exactly as we had discussed. I had been so sad when I realized that among the viscissitudes of middle age was the discovery that my puzzle ring (which you made me 10 years ago) no longer fit! Now I have a new puzzle ring to fit my aging knuckle, and can give the old one to a younger, more lithe fingered member of my family!

Norm - I received the ring today. I am more than satisfied. The workmanship is superb. Thanks so much. I'll certainly recommend your site to anyone looking for beautifully crafted jewelry at reasonable prices. I'm thinking of ordering one of the puzzle rings at some point in the future.

Dear Norman -
Received the ring today in the mail - it actually is a gift for my daughter for her 25th B-day & she will be here next weekend.(Memorial Day)Thank you for the promptness & this is the first thing I have ordered on Th Internet!!! I normally call the 1-800 # after I find the site. Next week I will reply on how she likes it & if the directions are satisfactory - I have an old puzzle ring that I dearly love & thought it fitting for her 25th b-day -
be in touch & thank you! -
Julie Drake

rec'd the order yesterday. The ring is really pretty and I think she'll be pleased, I know I am. Thanks for getting it shipped so quick.
Randy watkins

Thank you,
We received our rings on Weds. April 25th and they fit just as we wanted them to. Once you got the mix up straighten out you got them to us in record time. Again thanks for getting them out to us. They are just what we wanted. Our 22nd anniversary is on June 1st and they are to replace our old puzzle wedding bands which have been repaired several times by now. These are thicker so they should last us much longer. We have respecfully retired the old ones to the jewelry chest. The only problem now is they are so shinney we have to clean and polish they make all of my other rings look dirty and dull but I can take care of that problem with a little elbow grease and cleaning solution. THEY ARE GREAT!!!
Sue & Paul Rawls

I received the ring today. Looks absolutely wonderful!

I see on the receipt an address mismatch. I had you mail to my work address. My home and billing address follow in case it is necessary:
Peter Foltz

Hi there
I purchased one of you puzzle rings a couple of years ago at the Northern, CA Ren Faire. I love it so much. I seldomly take it off and always get compliments on it. I Love to take it apart and show people how easily it goes back together and tell the story behind them.
Thank you again,
Angie Tamagni
Pendragon Costumes

I received my puzzle ring today - thanks so much! It is beautiful! I think I'm going to have to order another one of your rings very soon! thanks again.
Liz The new ring is just perfect and fits my husband well, Thank you for taking the time to redo it for me and so quickly too. We are both very pleased Kathy Mandell

Hey norm,
we received my ring on the first day of winter. you were absolutely right about just how they look as good in real as they do in the picture.I am so happy with my ring you made me.Donnie loves it too.it's me.god bless you & your family on this joyous occasion.when i get some money i'm going to order one for donnie.send me some extra cards & I'll show off your work & send them your way.(if you wish)
be happy,
Donnie & debbie

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for your service in my purchase. At the beginning of the week I Fedexed you payment for a twist ring. I fully expected that since I got my order to you so late that I wouldn't receive the ring back before Christmas. I was shocked and absolutely thrilled when I got the package from you on Wednesday! Thank you so very much for your quick service and your help on the phone (I called you several days before placing the order). I'm also very impressed with the beauty and quality of the ring... your website hardly does it justice. Thanks again!
Matt Sigman

The ring is beutiful.I just couldn't wait to give it to her and she loved it.You did an exquisite job and I thank you. Rest assured that if I ever plan to buy another you will be my first choice.

the rings were excellent, i have already givent them to their respective people. the sizes were fine. now the only problem is everyone else wants one too!
thanks a million

Dear Norm,
I recieved the ring on SATURDAY!! Can you believe that?? UPS wouldn't have delivered it on Saturday. But it is perfect!! I think he'll just love it. Thank you so much for your assistance and time. I shall keep you in mind for any future purchases. Your rings are beautiful.
Thank you again, and Happy Safe Holidays...
Caroline Sue Behrens Hi Norm, I just wanted to let you know that the ring arrived on time and it fits perfectly and is just beautiful!!! I've given your website out to a number of my friends...thanks again!!! Lori Kluber Hi Norman!

Hi Norman!
I'm not sure if you will remember me but, I was the person who purchased the wedding band set back in July. We absolutely love our rings! As soon as we get pictures I will send one. We purchased the 6 Band Bar with 6 diamonds. What I wanted to know was how much would you charge for a 6 band bar heavy weight in sterling silver (no diamonds). Would I be able to order one the same size as the previous ring (10 & 1/4) and get it in time for Christmas? (getting it in time for Christmas being the emphasis.)
If you would let me know at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Dana Marriott-Harris
Thanks again...