The talisman is an object inscribed with magical signs. It is said to grant its bearer certain powers, provide protection from harm, or bring good luck.
Talisman of the Planets
includes explanation card and cloth cord
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This is the talisman of JUPITER which is the original good-luck charm. It is said to bring to the wearer goodwill and sympathy of all he meets. It drives away worries, help honest business people and improves social standing.

This is the talisman of MARS which provides protection in conflict. It provides protection from attacks by enemies and protection against death in conflict or argument. If hidden in a citadel by the defending commander, any attack from outside will be repelled

This is the talisman of MERCURY which is the talisman of business and industry. Buried in the ground underneath a shop or place of business. It is said to attract clients and prosperity. If placed under you pillow at night, it is said to bring prophetic dreams.

This is the talisman of SATURN which is said to protect against danger of death through intrigue, ambush or poison. It is also said to protect a woman during childbirth and recovery. It is further claimed to protect against death from cancer, paralysis or being buried-alive while in a coma

This is the talisman of the MOON which protects travelers and persns dwelling in a foreign land. It preserves the wearer from death By shipwreck, or from epilepsy, dropsy, apoplexy, and madness. It also keeps at bay the perils of violent death presaged by the saturnine aspects of the horoscope.

This is the talisman of the SUN which is the success talisman. It is said to bring the wearer the goodwill and favor of higher-ups and supervisors in society and at work. Also protects from death by heart disease, epidemic, or fire.

This is the talisman of VENUS which is the talisman of love. It is said to maintain harmony and affection of lovers. It keeps away people who may envy or hate you. If dipped in the drink of a sworn enemy, it will transform the enemy's hatred to affection and devotion for life.

God of the Sun
Helius, THE GOD OF THE SUN, is shown here as he drives his chariot across the sky. Where the sun is a dominant influence in life, the will is strong and the character masterful, and the confidence from self respect and cheerful outlook cause one to attract much good fortune.

Goddess of the Moon
Selene, THE GODDESS OF THE MOON, is shown here pouring the moon out into a star filled sky. People who are under her moon are not destined to lead obsure or uneventful lives, rather this planet brings one the opportunity to play an active part in pulic affairs and politics. The moon is thus known to offer great popularity to those under its force.

4 Elements
FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH. All sages agree that the matter of all things is of one common matter only (hyle), which assumes four primary forms.

Chart of Ruling Planets
Aquarius   SATURN
Aries   MARS
Cancer   MOON
Capricorn   SATURN
Gemini   MERCURY
Leo   SUN
Libra   VENUS
Pisces   JUPITER
Sagittarius   JUPITER
Scorpio   MARS
Taurus   VENUS

Each talisman will arrive with a cord approximately 34 inches long. It will also arrive in a bag with a card that explains the purpose of the talisman. The talismans that do not show two different images are one sided talismans, the side shown on the images. The talismans are approximately 1 1/4 -1 1/2 inches in diameter (depending on the talisman) and 1/8 inches wide.