The talisman is an object inscribed with magical signs. It is said to grant its bearer certain powers, provide protection from harm, or bring good luck.
Norse Talisman
includes explanation card and cloth cord
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The Valnut
is composed of three interlinked equilateral triangles. The nine lines symbolize the nine worlds of the Norse tradition, the power of three times three. Specifically, it is a symbol of Ordin. As a protector it invokes the power of eternal unity. Its name means the knot of fallen (or chosen) ones.

The Aegishjalmar
is an elaborate version of the heavenly star, but is much more powerful, symbolizing the force of irresistibility. It is used to panic enemies by being worn or painted at the level of the third eye.

The Ing Grid
is a development of the rune Ing, which signifies universal expansion and protection. The grid is formed of two squares superimposed over the Ing rune, and subdivided into 50 squares in all. This sigil invokes the power of dynamic balance between two interchaneable states, resisting attack by both direct and devious means.

The Heavenly Star
is an eight branched figure which signifies the eight Airts of the horizon, the eight legs of Sleipnir, steed of Odin, and the eight winds. It is a symbol of balance and right orderliness

The Kabbalistic Square
connotes the four sides of the world. The upper side is East, the lower side is West, the right side is South, and the left side is North. Air is East, Earth is West, fire is South, and water is North.

The binding Knot
is an enclosure, a full stop to harmful influences. It is also an entrance to the non-material world. It provides a means of magically preventing entry or exit of spirits and entities, and reinforcing the user.

The Runic Cross
is a symbol of the three divisions of the Cosmic Axis, with the central, Middle Earth, one larger than the other two. Being an invocation of the earthly powers, the Runic Cross is a protection against the demonic empire in all its forms-ghosts, demons, evil spirits, etc.

The Runic Day Circle
The horizon is divided into 24 sections, each related to the wheel of the day, with south being noon and due north midnight..Each hour of the day is ruled by its own Rune. The dates of the year also correspond. So each Rune is connected to a time, a date, and a direction. The power of a Rune can be visualized as streaming through with the rays of light. As each Rune has specific meaning and quality, that hour of the day is infused with that property