Additional Diamond Information
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On rings with 1/3 carat and larger diamonds, I can send you the diamond before it is mounted, if you wish. That way you can see the size and quality and approve it before I set it on your ring.

There are different grades of diamond to choose from. The higher grade is VS. In the VS stones, internal flaws are difficult to locate with 10x magnification. The lower grade is SI1, which have flaws which are easy to locate with 10x magnification. In either case, the diamonds show no flaws to the unaided eye. The higher price of the better diamond makes no visible difference.

There are different sizes available in the Marquis shape as well as in a round diamond. Prices increase fast as the size increases over 1/3 carat, but stones up to 1/2 carat will fit nicely on the ring. And there are many sizes in this range to choose from.

Please email or call me to let me know what you are looking for, and I will locate a diamond to meet your specifications and price range. I can mount it on one of my rings for you. You may have it for several days to inspect first, if you like.

The Marquis diamond is shown mounted on a 4 band, but it can also be placed on a 6 band. You can also choose to put more than one color of gold in the ring. Let me know what you prefer.

For Diamonds larger than 1/3C  Each 3/8 carat and larger diamond comes with a certificate specifying the weight, color, cut, and clarity. It is certified to be a genuine diamond of the grade indicated, and signed by a registered Gemologist. It also comes registered with Gemprint, along with the laser refraction print of the diamond. The dispersal pattern of laser light from a diamond is unique. So this print of the laser light is the signature of this particular diamond. Gemprint can tell your diamond from all the others should identification be needed.
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