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Armillary Sphere Photo
The Armillary
in Gold Plate and Pewter

The Armillary material is Pewter, and some surfaces are a pewter finish while others are in a gold plate. The base is two tiered in Marble. The Earth is represented by a Marble ball in the center. The Meridian Ring adjusts to different Latitudes, and the cage turns to show the path of the Sun. The Ecliptic Ring has the position of the Sun for any time of the year.

horizon ring detail
Detail of the Horizen Ring. This ring shows where the Sun Rises and Sets.

Sunclip Detail
Detail of the Sun Clip.
This clip goes on the Ecliptic to show the position of the Sun for a given Date of the Year. When the cage is turned this clip shows the path of the Sun for the Latitude and Date the Armillary is set for. The Ring at the lower left is the Meridian Ring, which adjusts the Latitude.