Solution to the 6 Band Rings
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1. The band marked -Greene- is held at the top and there are two pairs of sides hanging from that. These pairs must have their tips paired up and pointing away from each other.
2. The Band at the bottom is brought toward you and up, like a book being closed. After it is brought up it is in front of the one marked -Greene-. The band that was brought up from the bottom is turned around. The right side comes toward you, the left side moves away from you. The band turns around like a top turning on its point. After turning it around, this band is placed against the one that is marked, covering up the -Greene-.
3. The sides, shown with color dots on the tips, slide through the openings created in what will be the top design of the ring. Each pair of sides is slid along to get their tips into the center of the ring. The flat back part of each is outside the ring.
4. The sides are now folded up, starting with the upper one on the side close to you. It is shown with the red color dot. Its tip must pass over the tips of the other three, also marked with dots. The next band to bring up is the upper one on the far side. Its tip (blue dot) goes over the two remaining pieces (white and purple). The next piece to be brought up is on the closer side. It and the last one from the far side can come up together, but make sure the tip of the closer one goes over the tip of the farther one. This is white tip over the purple tip. So the order of the tips is red, blue, white, and purple. Each tip going up and over the tips of the sides that still need to be placed. This going back and forth side to side places the sides in an alternating fashion.
You may customize each ring with your choice of colors and mixes of 14K and silver. You have a choice of stones and settings.
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